RVA Maker Guild was established as part of Maker Guilds International, a non-profit organization that sought to develop STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) proficiencies in kids through an environment that encourages: tinkering, making, and innovating. We are now an independent, non-affiliated group.

RVA Maker Guild is age-neutral and gender-neutral and focuses on cultivating a “maker mindset” in all members that encourages: creativity, critical thinking, flexible thinking, embracing failure, and collaboration. We will develop GRIT through a mastery of tools and materials.

RVA Maker Guild is open-ended and welcomes all. Adults are welcome and encouraged to act as mentors, but the emphasis will be on creating a space (physical, mental, temporal, aesthetic) for kids to develop, work on, and present their projects and ideas free of judgment and without an emphasis on the “finished product.” Kid members should be accompanied by an adult who will work alongside them, without judgment or interference.

RVA Maker Guild will strive to be self-sustaining. There will be no fees to join or participate, but members will need to provide some of their own tools and supplies. The Guild will work together to creatively source resources and materials.

Interested? Please get in touch! By filling out the form below or direct email: info@rvamkerguild.org


RVA Maker Guild Interest Form



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