Update: RVA Maker Guild is still a thing!

paperdollWow.  Long-time, no see. I just wanted to let it be known that RVA Maker Guild is still very much a thing!  We haven’t been quite dormant, but things have been progressing slowly.

I’m working on a project this summer to get this house in order and plan things out for the next year.  Currently, I’m working on a newsletter that will be sent out electronically on a monthly basis, so that even if you can’t make a scheduled event, you’ll still know what’s going on.  You can sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar on the right.  I also installed an editorial calendar on this very blog to help me keep up with it.  If you would like to contribute blog entries, please let me know!  I would love for you to.

Maker Mondays are ongoing at hack.rva, every third Monday, and you can always send me your ideas for those, if you wish.  It tends to be a great, low-key time to chat and make.  It’s a chance for discussions about the Guild when the kids aren’t around.

Speaking of hack.rva, there is a lot going on there, as always, and a million ways to get involved.  The space is a perpetual work-in-progress, much like the Maker Guild, which is wonderful since that means it can morph into what members want and need.  A regular feature of the newsletter will be updates about the makerspace.

Make on!

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